Kohl’s: A Few Christmas Clearance Items

29 Dec

While the sale has been going on for a few days, I wanted to point out some great finds in the clearance section. Use coupon code, “CELEBRATE20” to get an extra 20% off everything. Shipping is $0.99 an item. Free for Kohl’s Cardholders.


The first item is a reindeer candle holder with a sparkly red candle. This is a great hostess gift and is only $5.00.



This is a simple stocking holder set that you could dress up to match your style. The set is only $15.00 It was originally $59.99! Add in 20% off and shipping, and get the set for $13.00.




Oh check out these super cute plates. If they aren’t your style, there are a few more patterns as well. Prices go from $1.75-$10.00. They have a cookies for santa plate, dip mix set, mini snowman spreaders, rectangular platter, and more.




Ok…I know these aren’t for Christmas, but I use them for my guests at Christmas! They hold up well and its a great time to buy them for only $2.99 each. The big bath towels are available in four colors, but the other sizes are available in about 8 colorful varieties.


So what do you think? Leave me a comment:

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