*HOT* Free ShopRunner Account – $79 value

12 Jan

Edit: The site is running slow because of this being such a rare and great deal. Be patient and hopefully you can get through!


If you haven’t heard of shoprunner yet, its possibly the best way to order anything online. Shoprunner is a

membership program that allows you to receive free unlimited 2 day shipping on any order size from about 50 online stores – and growing all the time. I signed up in December and have already placed about 10 orders on things that I either needed right away and didn’t want to have to shop around for, or deals that were amazing already and became an even better deal with free shipping. There is no catch or obligation on this deal/freebie. Simply sign up with shopsanity, and this box will pop up:

Share ShopSanity and we’ll give you a $79 ShopRunner membership that gets you 2 day shipping for FREE from the best stores. We’ll also give every friend you invite a FREE ShopRunner Membership that retails for $79.

Did I mention that you also get free return shipping?

So quick…

1. Sign up here – please use a junk mail account from gmail or yahoo
2. Share with a friend on Facebook
3. Get your email from ShopSanity giving you an exclusive link with a personal pin code to sign up for one year for free!
4. Shoprunner will ask for your credit card, but it is optional. Don’t put one in and the membership will still go through.
5. Figure out what awesome item you’ll order first!


So what do you think? Leave me a comment:

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