All About the Superpoints!

14 Jan

Have you heard of Superpoints? Superpoints is a network that has been built by membership only invites. Today, I wanted to enlighten my readers on the exciting possibilities with superpoints. Before you stop reading, let me tell you two things. One, joining superpoints in 100% free of charge and getting points is also 100% free of charge.

Is it hard to get points?

Free and easy points: You can get points by using the super lucky button. This is one of my favorite ways. Depending on your status, you can get anywhere from 5-50 clicks on the button every day. Clicks can mean up to 15 points, or maybe even more. Another way to get points is that randomly, Superpoints will send out emails with various amounts in them. Just click on the email to redeem your points. And finally, there are simple 30 second videos to watch.

Offers: There are also a variety of offers that you can complete for higher numbered points. I usually avoid these since I’m not willing to sign up for anything that needs my credit card number. But there are some free ones on there that just want an email address (use a spam account) or for your opinion by taking a survey. The point range on these free ones can be anywhere from 15-100 points. Usually the more points = more time involved.

So why get points? You can redeem your points for a variety of prizes. My favorite one is immediate deposit into my paypal account. Although someday I hope to have enough to get an iPad2! A girl can dream, right? And the point conversion it pretty easy, 100 pts = $1.00

Here are 3 invite tokens. First three lucky readers to use them will become a part of my network. I really hope to make this work for all of us and want to support a great team! Please comment if you use one so others know that it is not available. Thanks!

If the links don’t work, simply enter the six digit code to sign up at

So what do you think? Leave me a comment:

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