Pierogie Casserole – A Unique Take on Meat & Potatoes

21 Jan

Ever have one of those shopping trips where you pick something up because it looks good and/or is such a great deal you can’t pass it up? Well that’s where this box of Mrs. T’s Pierogies came from – upon which my husband gave me a look that pretty much said he would never eat them. HA! Oh yes you will, you just won’t know it!

Now handmade pierogies sound pretty good and are a holiday tradition in some families. Each family has their own special filling of ingredients. But something frozen in a box, not so much. I had no idea what the texture would be like, or flavor for that matter. Also, in a suggestion recipe on the back, you added them to a recipe completely frozen. Eekk!

There were 12 in the package and I immediately thought of a casserole. Even though casseroles aren’t my favorite, they are simple and easy. Because pierogies are really just potato dumplings, I thought of layering them with a marinara, ground turkey and cheese.

First, I grabbed my favorite go-to dinner ingredient, extra lean ground turkey.

Season with salt and pepper and the tiniest bit of oil (unless you use a non-stick pan).

Once turkey is almost fully cooked, add to your marinara sauce to complete the cooking.

I used my recipe for quick marinara in this recipe. After adding the meat, you’re reading to assemble your dish. First, place your pierogies on a lightly oiled (to prevent sticking) 9×13 pan. Then carefully pour your meat marinara over the dish. Try your best to keep the pierogies in place and saucing the entire dish evenly.

Next, add 1 1/2 cups of mozzarella cheese.

Place your dish in the oven for 30-40 minutes, or until the cheese is fully melted and bubbling.

And while this dish doesn’t plate so well, it tastes delicious. It’s a hearty meal, definitely made for a man who loves meat and potatoes!

My husband devoured this dish without questioning what he was eating. It tasted similar to a filled pasta dish, except with a potato filling instead of a cheese filling. And like most dishes with marinara, the flavor was even better the next day! And now he also knows that he likes a new food – handmade pierogies might make an appearance in our house soon!

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