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Dairy Queen: B1G1 Free Blizzard

29 Jan

So its not quite time for cool ice cream treats in blazing Summer weather, or even Spring for that fact! But if you join the blizzard fan club, you apparently will get 6 B1G1 coupons in your inbox throughout the year. You’ll get your first coupon upon joining, and the rest will be scattered throughout 2012. Enjoy your ice cream treat by just joining the fan club today.

By joining the Blizzard Fan Club you will receive via email:

  • A FREE 16 fl. oz. Blizzard Treat with the purchase of another 16 fl. oz. Blizzard Treat email coupon just for joining the Club
  • Monthly emails containing new Blizzard treat promotions, flavor updates, contests and more
  • An email coupon on your Birthday and a special surprise every year you are in the Club

Membership Criteria:

  • You must be 13 years or older and reside in the US or Canada to join the club (kids 12 and under can have fun with the Dairy Queen® Deeqs at www.deeqs.com)
  • You must have a unique email address (not shared with others)
  • Just complete the join form on this website (giving us permission to contact you via email)
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