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Crumb Coating Saves the Day

24 Dec

Tonight, I made my annual “Happy Birthday Jesus” cake. Chocolate Devil’s food cake with chocolate frosting this year. It isn’t complete yet, so I’ll post a picture later. For now, know that it is perfectly frosted thanks to some wonderful information I’ve learned – crumb coating.

Crumb coating is the simple art of frosting your cake twice. Once the cake is cooled, and layered as you like, you spread a thin coat of your frosting over the top and sides of the cake. It doesn’t matter how messy or crumbly your cake looks at this point. The next step requires patience. Place the cake into the fridge and wait. Some say to wait about 5 minutes, some even say freezing it until its frozen. I waited around 20 minutes for my crumb coat to “set” and form a barrier. After that I was able to load a nice smooth layer onto my cake.

Before the crumb coat, my cake was kinda falling apart. It was leaning to one side and becoming a hot mess. So I just went ahead, did the thin layer, and put it in the fridge. When I did my second layer, I was realistically doubtful of the outcome. How could this really help? But my frosting went on so much easier. And I was able to manipulate the frosting to give my cake a really nice flat top and smooth sides.

Tomorrow, I’ll also be trying my hand at piping for the second time. The first time, two years ago for a superbowl party, was a nightmare. Hopefully Christmas Eve proves some better results.

Pictures to come!


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