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Great Resource: Find out where Kids Eat Free near you

13 Feb

I love the concept of kids eating for free with an adult meal purchase. Even though I don’t have kids, I do see the genius in this marketing campaign. I mean, after all, most kids eat about $1-2 max worth of food, and parents fork over (pun intended, haha, I crack myself up…) between $6-10 for it at a nice sit down restaurant! So I found this great resource for families looking to cut back on their eating out spending by not having to pay for kid’s meals. While it won’t save you hundreds, it will at least make you feel better about a little one falling asleep in the booth, or declaring that they suddenly, “don’t like chicken” anymore!

Be sure to call the restaurant to verify that they do indeed still honor the deal. Like any website, most of these restaurant deals have been submitted by users like you.

Also, be sure to note that many of them are for a specific day of the week, and sometimes a specific time too. For instance, one I found said that it is good from 4-close, for kids 12 and under on Tuesdays. But hey, free is free!

Restaurant.com – $50 for $4, $25 for $2!

26 Jan

If you aren’t familiar with Restaurant.com, then you are missing out on eating for pennies on the dollar!

Each restaurant has a certificates available at discounted prices. Most restaurants have at least a $10 for $5 and a $25 for $10. Some also include certificates in the $50-200 range as well.

The catch is that the restaurant has terms and conditions that you must follow to use the certificate. Most will say that you must spend $X.XX to use that particular certificate. For instance, most $10 certificates state you must spend $20. If you buy it for $1, you are basically getting $20 worth of food for $11. Not too shabby! Others specify what days you can use it, if you can use it for take-out/catering, if you must use it on dinner, etc. So make sure you read them before you buy!

So here’s the awesome deal! Almost monthly, they release a coupon code that knocks at least 80% off your purchase.

For the deal this time, use the code DATE

So a $25 gift certificate comes out to $2! You can also get a

$10 for $1,

a $50 for $4,

$75 for $6, and

$100 for $8!

Offer ends Jan 31. But only a certain number of certificates are available for each restaurant, and the good ones sell out fast!

Please note, I am not an affiliate for Restaurant.com. I just really like eating out for less! 😀

Red Lobster: 4-course meal for $15

3 Jan

As if the holidays aren’t filled with enough feasting, Red Lobster brings us another reason to over-indulge for seafood lovers everywhere.

For only $14.99, you’ll get soup, salad, and entree, and dessert. Not to mention the sides that come with your entree, and those addicting cheddar-bay biscuits. Make sure your Red Lobster restaurant has this deal before making the plans to visit.

While I’m not a huge Red Lobster fan, I hope someone out there will enjoy this deal with the seafood lover they know (you’ll always find me honest on this blog…maybe a bit too honest at times, ha!).

Let me know if you try it out – I might be persuaded to go!

True Foods Kitchen

26 Dec

I’ve recently developed a phobia to eating at chain restaurants. HAHA. Its more like, why eat somewhere the same each week instead of trying somewhere different? And while True Foods Kitchen is a chain restaurant, its much different than an Applebees or Outback Steakhouse. Its these types of places that make me excited to eat out again. After all, if I can make the food myself, in the quantity I want, when I want it, why would I pay someone else to do? Enter True Food Kitchen and their green-friendly, fresh food, healthy concept.

True Food KitchenWe visited True Food on a recent Monday night. We arrived before the dinner rush and while the restaurant was steadily busy, it never felt crowed and we never felt rushed. The dining room is one room, which made for some noisy ambiance, but not so overwhelming as to disrupt conversation. The atmosphere is modern and contemporary; the walls sport a yellow pop of color on the most upper reaches which is brought to life by the textured dark walls below. Wooden beams cross over the ceiling and giant retro-looking circular dome lights run down the center of the room which creates a great symmetry to the overall look and feel.

Outside, a patio offers comfortable seating as well as traditional tables. Fabric panels with clear plastic windows help keep heat from fire pits and heaters inside the patio on chilly winter nights. Back inside, an open kitchen is adorned with bins filled to overflowing with the bright colors of lemons, oranges, limes, pineapple and more. From these, True Food squeezes their own juices for a variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as accompaniments to some of their entrees. Look closely and you will see that the kitchen is devoid of fryers and microwaves which underscores their health conscious, green-friendly concept.

True Food KitchenOur waiter was friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive. He told us about the True Food concept before recommending a few dishes. He pointed out that the menu changes based on the season, as they get all their produce from a local farm in Peoria. And on the menu, items are clearly marked as vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free.

We were eager to try some of the fresh-squeezed juices and ordered a Honey Lemonade and a Medicine Man. The honey lemonade was divine, tasting of pure, sweet honey and freshly squeezed lemon juice. The Medicine Man was coined as an antioxidant drink, and was a bit underwhelming. The drink was made with olivello, cranberry, and pomegranate juice and then mixed with soda water and pomegranate seeds.
For a starter, we ordered the Shiitake & Tofu Lettuce Cups. Each one was amply filled with a delicious blend of tofu, mushroom, ginger, and cashews, for a crunch. The sauce was ample, but not overpowering. It was a light and healthy alternative to a heavy appetizer served at most restaurants. The lettuce cups could also serve as a great entree for a lunch or light meal.

After many recommendations by our waiter, we decided on our entrees. We ordered the Squash and Ricotta Ravioli and the Teriyaki Brown Rice Bowl, with both shrimp and chicken (instead of picking just one!). The entrees arrived at almost perfect timing after we had finished our appetizer. The dishes were hot and obviously very freshly cooked. We agreed that it was the hottest we had ever received an entree from the kitchen. We appreciated both the prompt kitchen to table service, and the feeling like someone was making us a home cooked meal.

The Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl is made with a house-made teriyaki sauce featuring their fresh squeezed pineapple juice. So the dish boasted an overall citrus flavor in contrast with the savory choice of protein and vegetables. The shrimp was easily better than the chicken, although both were cooked to perfection. The rice was tender, and plentiful, while the unique addition of avocado provided a great compliment to the layers of flavor in the dish.

The Squash and Ricotta Ravioli came in a delicious Miatake Mushroom soy broth, adorned with perfectly seasoned kale. Unlike the usual ravioli dish, drenched in creamy sauce, this version was light and fresh. The squash was a sweet compliment to the creamy ricotta cheese. The homemade ravioli were large and a perfect al dente. Needless to say, both plates were almost clean when our waiter came to collect them.

Too full for dessert, we’re eager to come back and try crowd favorites like Squash Pie or the Low-Fat Ginger Ice Cream, or perhaps a Banana Chocolate Tart. We were overly pleased that the place seemed anything but gimmicky or pretentious. The service, atmosphere, and quality of food made for a great food adventure. It’s a great place for drinks and appetizers, a date, or even a large group hangout. They also offer a wonderful weekend brunch featuring organic eggs, turkey bacon, and sweet potato hash.

Leaving the restaurant feeling healthy, energized, and refreshed we both agreed that Fox Restaurant has once again found a great niche with this concept. For a good meal with good-for-you ingredients and surrounded by good company, it truly doesn’t get any better than this!

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