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FREE: Kraft Mac & Cheese

23 Jan

Hey you with the blue box at the store!

Put down that box, head back home, and print out your coupon for a FREE box of Kraft Mac n’ Cheese on their facebook page. Every day, at 12:00pm ET, until March 4, 2012, Kraft will be offering coupons for  FREE box of the “cheesiest” macaroni. I’m not a huge fan of boxed and processed food, but when its cheesey, easy, and free, its hard to pass up! There is a limit of three coupons per household. The coupons will expire 7/31/2012.

If you do not already “Like” the KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese page on Facebook, you must do so in order to access the Macsurance tab and participate in the offer. You can “Unlike” the page at any time thereafter.

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